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October 29th, 2015

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I was diagnosed with a mild case of psoriasis when I was younger. It was extremely mild and caused me no problems until a couple of years ago. It seemed to really go out of control then, and I went from having a few splotches here and there to having a complete outbreak on my arms. I was embarrassed because of how it looked, and I knew that I needed to have it looked at professionally. I did a search for dermatology in Manchester because I wasn’t sure who to see with this.

I did not have a regular doctor because I had just recently moved to the area, but I knew that a regular doctor would just send me to a dermatologist anyway. I decided to cut out the middle man and look for a dermatologist on my own. I was able to find one only a few miles from me who does have treatment options for people like me, and I was so relieved when I was able to get an appointment that same week. I did not want to go too much longer without seeing one because it was not only itchy but hard to look at as well.

I knew that there was no cure for my condition, but I also knew that my former doctor had told me that there would be treatment options if I would ever get a flare up that was beyond my own control. The dermatologist I saw gave me some topical medication to help me with the discomfort and then followed that up with phototherapy. I was really happy to see that both of these helped get my psoriasis back under control, and I did not have to worry about hiding my arms when I was around other people. I will be happy if a cure is discovered, but right now I am content with the treatment options I was given.

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