post My Son Was Hurt Playing Soccer

September 2nd, 2017

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When I got a call that my son was being transported to the hospital from his soccer training, I went into a full blown panic even though they told me that it was not serious. I really should have kept my calm, but he had never been injured to the point where a band aid would not fix it. I was at the hospital within minutes of him getting there, and the doctors assured me that he was going to be okay. They needed to run some tests, but they felt he needed to be seen by Sacramento chiropractors to help with his sore back.

The coach was there as well and told me that they had brought him just as a precaution because he landed hard on his back and was not able to get up for several minutes. They wanted to make sure he did not have a spinal injury, and the doctors told us not long after that he was free to go home. He was in a lot of pain, so I took the doctor’s suggestion and contacted a chiropractor who is not far from the hospital. I explained the situation, hoping to make an appointment within the next several days.

I was surprised when they told me bring him right in. I didn’t hesitate to do that though, and they were so good to both of us. I must have apologized half a dozen times for being a clingy mom, and they reassured me that they had seen far worse! That made me feel better, and the chiropractor who gave my son a spinal adjustment that day made me feel very good about this decision as well. My son did have to miss a few weeks of soccer practice, but he feels better than ever now and is ready to tackle the game again!

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