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January 20th, 2018

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I have been over in Perth now for about three months more or less and after a rough start things have really turned around here at the subsidiary they put me in charge of. However it does not seem as though I have any really chance of returning home in the near future. Today I have been looking at how to buy viagra in Australia online, but I am not really sure that the sources that I have found are trustworthy. Obviously it is not really that easy to find people that you can trust to sell drugs on the web. They are going to be disreputable nearly all of the time and there is really not a simple way to find the difference between someone who can be trusted and someone who might sell you anything and call it whatever you want it to be. I am sure that it is easier to make a pill that looks like viagra than it is to make one that is viagra. At any rate I am going to get my doctor back home to take care of it instead.

I really like a lot of things here. One of the guys I work with has a nice boat, he and I have gone out on the ocean fishing a few times already. That is how I met the girl that I have been dating. She went out with us and about a dozen other people. The girls were just laying in the sun mostly while we fished, but she was an expert angler and that really got me interested in her. This guy knows what he is doing and he has his boat outfitted with really high tech fish finders. It has a radar too, which is a great idea on the ocean when it is dark.

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