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January 18th, 2017

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When I was younger, I was in an abusive relationship. It hurts me to imagine myself back then, because I put up with a lot that should have never happened. My boyfriend would hit me, and it was rare when I would seek medical attention. I finally was able to find the strength to leave him when I started going to church, and that is where I met my future husband too. He is the one who suggested that I look into San Francisco chiropractors because of the pain that I would experience on a daily basis.

It was usually in my neck and upper back, but sometimes it would be in my left shoulder too. I just figured that there had been some damage done when my ex boyfriend was in one of his rages, and I had been too afraid to have it checked out. My future husband knew a lot about my past, and he wanted me to find physical relief as well. He knew that I was mentally and spiritually stronger, but I still felt broken physically. I knew that I did not have any broken bones or anything like that, so I decided to go ahead and see a chiropractor to see if they could help me with the pain.

I did tell my new chiropractor about my history because I felt it was important to be upfront and honest with him. He did some tests because of the potential damage that could have been done, and thankfully nothing major was seen on them. He proposed that we start with a series of adjustments, and the first one actually felt amazing. I walked in his office broken, but I walked out a little stronger. That was nearly two years ago, and so much has changed. I am now married to the man of my dreams, and I have absolutely no pain anymore. Life is so great!

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