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October 27th, 2014

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I suppose that I am looking for the easy way out, but there does not seem to be one. For instance in theory there are a lot of IUD’s (inter uterine devices if you need to know) which seem to take a lot of the issues out of birth control. You pop it in and you do not worry about it for the length of time that it is effective. Some of them you do have to worry about, you can find the relevant Mirena lawsuit information with very little effort. That stuff is all over the internet, although like any other thing it is hard to tell what you can take for gospel and what is just some person on the internet. I go to the mayo clinic’s site or Webmd dot com for that sort of information, because I just do not know for sure if I can trust a lot of the other sites. It is hard for a lay person to recognize who is credible and who is not.

Of course science rarely gives you a solid black and white answer. There are scientific facts, but there are also a lot of theories which are probably true and can not be conclusively proven. It is instead a situation where you have the evidence and some people choose to interpret it to their own ends. It is like climate change, there is a lot of evidence of that, but you are not going to convince any of the people of it who do not want to change the way that we live. If you want to do stuff about climate change, then you have to give up doing a lot of things that are fun to do and which make life in the modern world a lot easier.

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