post Chiropractors Can Help Ease Pregnancy Pains

September 15th, 2016

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I never realized that a chiropractor does more than just work on people who have sore backs. I had never been to one before I was pregnant with my second child, and even then, I honestly wasn’t sure what I was doing at one at first. I had read that there are Chicago chiropractors who are able to help pregnant women who are having painful issues with the additional baby weight and the strain on a woman’s back. I definitely had a lot more pain with my second baby than I did my first, and I wanted to see if there was any truth to what I was hearing.

Since I had no idea which one to see, I just chose one randomly. I guess I was not convinced that they would be able to help me, but I was proven wrong. That is one time where I am glad that happened. I had my initial exam done, then I was scheduled for some adjustments. I thought that would be it, but I was also treated to a deep muscle massage, and that really seemed to loosen some things up inside me.

Everything did feel really good, but I did not feel the true effects of it until later when I was home doing my normal routine. I noticed that I had more flexibility, and I was not hurting as much as I usually did. That got me excited for my second trip back to the chiropractor, and those trips ended up becoming quite regular for me. I honestly cannot say if it is the adjustments or the massages that were working so well on me, or perhaps just a combination of the two, but the second half of my pregnancy was definitely a lot easier and less painful for me than the first half.

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