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November 27th, 2014

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I have been a diabetic for over 10 years now, and for all of that time, I have been buying my diabetic supplies from a local pharmacy. However, they are going to stop stocking the supplies that I need in the near future, and as such, I am going to have to find a new way to get my hands on a lot of the supplies that I need on an regular basis. I need to buy syringes for the purpose of injecting insulin in my body. It is something that I have to do regularly, in order to control my blood sugar, and I need to take good care of myself, if I am going to have a reasonable life span. I know that people with diabetes do not tend to live as long as people who do not have it. It is a scary disease, but one that I have been managing for a long time already.

I am just worried that it is going to be harder to get my supplies when I need them, if I have to buy them on the Internet. I do not know if shipping times tend to be consistent, and that kind of worries me. I would like to buy them online though, if it is going to be easy enough to get them. That is because there is not another place in the small town that I live in, that sells the sort of supplies that I need to have. As such, if I do not buy them online, then I would have to travel 30 minutes or more, to another city, in order to buy them. That would cost a lot of money, in terms of the gas expended, over time, and would not be a very good arrangement.

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